Sunday, January 29, 2017

Educate Yourself

It's been a very long time since I shared anything on this blog...I fear I have let the journey overtake me a bit. But with what's happening in this country right now, I find myself needing to slow down the journey and pay a little more attention to things.

What has inspired me at this moment is "the wall." I got into an online argument with someone about "the wall" and that person's lack of any knowledge about "the wall" appalled me. I had posted a link to a BBC article about the negative aspects of "the wall" in terms of wildlife, which is something not a lot of folks seem to be paying attention to. This person's arguments started with "that article isn't even real because the images of 'the wall' are fake since it hasn't been built yet" - which showed the person's lack of any knowledge about "the wall" as 40% of the 2,000 mile shared border with Mexico IS already home to "the wall." But the statement from that person that really got me was "the animals will just have to decide which side of the wall they want to live on." Let that statement sink in for a minute.....

So, all the wildlife that lives in the border region is supposed to make a conscious decision about whether they want to live in Mexico or the United States. Will they take a poll? Sign some sort of oath about their country of choice? What the hell?!?!?! After a rather protracted exchange with this person, trying to get them to actually READ the article (which I truly don't think ever happened), and trying to get them to see the idiocy of their statements, I gave up and said "I guess it's best that we agree to disagree." As Winston Churchill said, "Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man."

Approve or disapprove of our government leadership right now, the lack of knowledge - and worse the lack of desire for knowledge - of a lot of our citizenry, and seemingly a lot of our government, right now is absolutely terrifying. And it's quite possibly the main reason our country is heading in the direction it is.

Please, little ones, educate yourselves. Do not take anything at face value. Take the time and do the work to learn every side of every issue. Make your own judgment based on ALL the information. Our future is at stake....educate yourself!

Friday, June 17, 2016

It Might Not Be Such A Good Idea....

I don't usually post much about current hot button issues, but since this happened to me it has made me think about the safety of allowing guns every damn where, so I figured I'd share it. Maybe you will find it food for thought....

Last weekend I was shopping at a Walmart. I accidentally bumped my cart into the back of a gentleman in front of me, apparently knocking the handgun he had stuffed in the back of his waistband out. The gun slid across the floor a few feet away from and behind the gentleman. He was completely unaware of the fact that it was no longer on his person, as he just kept walking away. I called to him to stop, telling him that he might want to pick it [the gun] up before someone else did. He turned 9 shades of red and picked up the gun saying "Thanks. I didn't realize...."

And that right there is why I think carrying guns every damn where just might not be the best idea in the world. He had no idea the gun had left his possession. In the short period of time the gun was on the floor of Walmart in the pasta aisle, anyone near it could have picked it up. And if it was loaded, heaven only knows what could have happened.

Why would you feel the need to arm yourself to shop in Walmart!? If you are that afraid of things, shop online and stay home. Please don't bring your gun, stuffed into the back of your waistband, into such a public place, and then be completely oblivious to the fact that the gun has been knocked out of your waistband! If you feel you must carry a gun, please please please use a holster to keep it safely on your person at all times. But better yet, keep us all safe and leave the gun at home in the gun safe where it belongs.

Think hard, little ones, about the very public and possibly life-altering stupid choices you make...especially when shopping in public.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Do You REALLY Want To Win?

Powerball fever has gripped the nation. Folks are traveling out of their home states to buy tickets, they are standing in long lines for hours, and they are dreaming about all the things they will buy if they win a jackpot that currently stands at $1.5 billion.

I can't even wrap my head around that amount - $1.5 billion. It is an obscene amount of money, and it seems to me that with that much money will come a corresponding amount of trouble. There would be people from your past coming out of the woodwork wanting money from you for a zillion different reasons, unscrupulous folks trying to entice you to "invest" in their schemes...a myriad of unsavory souls wanting a portion of your "brass ring."

And then there's the "lottery curse." So many big winners wind up penniless and totally messed up following their big win. Instead of making their lives better, it seems to lead to making their lives worse.

Nope, not a path I would want to travel. That being said, however, if I did buy a ticket (which I won't) and I did win, I would give the vast majority of the money to Planned Parenthood, so they could continue their important and necessary work without the hinderance of the federal government and the misogynistic politicians who seem to want to control ALL aspects of a woman's life (this is a topic for another blog post at another time, though).....

Think long and hard about whether or not your life would be enhanced by a big win before you plunk down that $2 for a ticket, little you REALLY want to win?

Monday, December 07, 2015

Shoes...they serve one hell of a purpose....

I am living the real-life experience of what happens when you don't wear shoes and there's a needle somewhere in your house. At some point in the recent-ish past, I apparently stepped on a needle and got it into my right foot. Then on Thanksgiving day, I managed - with the talent only I have - to move that needle into my right arch.

Last Thursday I had to have that needle surgically removed. I am now a bit restricted in my movement and banned from stairs until at least Friday. 

Moral of the story, little ones, is ALWAYS WEAR SHOES!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015


There are too many people on this planet that put WAY too much emphasis on what others think, on what others have said in the past, on what others may say in the future. When you let yourself get stuck in this cycle, you stop growing, stop moving forward, and stay stuck in what may be a bad place for you.

I have a rather harsh philosophy for those stuck in this unhealthy mindset: SGAFWPT...Stop Giving A Fuck What People Think. SGAF about what was said about you in the past, SGAF about what may be being said about you in the present, and SGAF about may be said about you in the future.

The ONLY thing that matters is what YOU think, and if you fall into the trap of thinking only what you think others think (convoluted, right?!), you will become stuck. You have to drop the past and find the YOU in the now, without all the negative noise of the past. What's past is past....leave it there, and SGAFWPT as you move forward with a positive mind set.

Tune out/silence the crap that you are allowing to define your choices in the now...SGAFWPT past, present, or future. Concentrate on what YOU think and how YOU can use positive energy to move forward to be the best YOU you and be.

Once you SGAFWPT, you may find that the lack of worry and noise will allow you to find your own voice, and that's the only voice that matters.

For heaven's sake, little ones, SGAFWPT!