Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Mom, what's a 'lesbian'?"

I was not prepared to hear this question from my then-kindergarten-aged son as I tucked him into bed one night...but I did (and do) consider myself an open-minded, modern Mom, so I took a deep breath and said: "Well, hon, a lesbian is a woman who loves and lives with another know, like Dad and I love each other and live together, but it's two women instead of a man and a woman. Remember my friends Jane and Alice? They have been together almost 20 years now, and they are lesbians."

I thought I'd handled that explanation rather well, when he looked up at me and said: ", a new boy started at school today and he said he was 'lesbian' - so now I don't really understand what he meant...."

"Oh, hon! Now I understand your meant to ask, 'What is Lebanese, didn't you?!"

"Yea Mom, that's it! What's a 'Lebanense'?"

"That's someone from the country of Lebanon, in the Middle East, hon."

"Oh, OK, Mom. That makes a lot more sense..."


lettuce said...

hahaha - this made me laugh, and then smile some more.

Welcome to the blogverse.

britpopbaby said...

That's hilarious! Bless him, it's good you sorted out that confusion straight away!