Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Words To Live By #4: You Get What You Give

Karma...it'll shower you with love or bite you in the @ss - it all depends on YOU. Another of my many life mantras is "you get what you give." If you toss anger, negativity, and pessimism out to the cosmos, it will fly right back at ya and whop you upside the head. But if you toss love, positive energy, good deeds, and optimism to the cosmos, you will be rewarded with waves of good energy, good fortune, and love.

I've lived long enough to know how true this is, little ones. So make wise, well-thought-out, positive choices in your life; be a glass-half-full person; look for the silver lining, or better yet, MAKE the silver lining happen.

You get with you give, little ones, so give only the best!

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Blogging for scraps... said...

I like to smile at people. I always get a mixed reaction - there are those that smile back and nod and there are those that frown at me as if I need to be locked up. I enjoy both reactions so will always remain happy.