Saturday, September 01, 2007

On The Wings of Eagles

We have a small state college in my little backwater burg here in the northern panhandle of Nebraska. It's a quite decent little school with an *awesome* Ag & Rangeland Management program and a totally kick-ass football team. The Chadron State College Eagles had a *stellar* year last year, ending the season as 2006 Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference and Southwest Region Champions. And this year is looking to be just as good (well, as much as you can tell from just 2 games...34-24 vs. Washburn and 55-14 vs. Wayne State).

While the team is filled to the rafters with talented, hard-working, totally dedicated players from all across Nebraska and from several surrounding states, there is one hell of a standout...Danny Woodhead, from North Platte, NE. He is a running back with wings on his feet and the eyes of an eagle. Google his name and you'll find all the stats...the records he holds, the records he stands to break, his 2006 Harlon Hill trophy (and previous nominations).... But what you won't find anywhere online is the joy he shows when he plays, and the joy and admiration he instills in those who sit in the stands and watch him. He loves to play, he loves to run, and we all love to watch him. But don't think he's a "star"...there are no stars here, just a lot of damned hard-working kids who love to play football.

I know Nebraska is known nationwide for our Big Red Nebraska Huskers football team. And while I admit to being a teeny bit of a Big Red fan, I much prefer to fly on the wings of Eagles.

You just watch, little ones...this is gonna be another banner year for the CSC Eagles and for the kid that loves to run, Danny Woodhead.

Go Eagles!!!!!

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