Monday, April 28, 2008


This year's Chadron State College Teaching Excellence Award winner is Dr. Chuck Butterfield, Associate Professor of Range Management, Department Chair of Applied Sciences, and loving husband of yours truly. This is truly a well-deserved honor and I am incredibly proud of him!

Chuck works 24/7 almost year-round for his students and for CSC. There are way too many meetings and way too much administrative crap that fill his time. But no matter how busy he gets with all that, teaching and his students always come first. He always has time to help a student, write a letter of recommendation, or lend an ear when it's needed. Every one of his students that wants a job will have one when he/she graduates because Chuck has one heck of a knack for finding the right job for the right student. He's a tough, but fair, teacher. He expects the best from, and brings out the best in, his students. And while most of them will tell you he's a very hard teacher, they will also tell you he's one of the best teachers they've ever had.

Way to go, hon!!!!! No one deserves this honor more than you!!!

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