Thursday, November 26, 2009


(Think big-voiced Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof here) Tradition . . . TRADITION!

Thanksgiving kicks off a season of Tradition at the Butterfield abode. It all starts with a big Thanksgiving breakfast, then the breaking of the dried bread and the making of the stuffing, the cleaning of the bird, the stuffing of the bird, and the cooking of the bird. And while the bird cooks, we watch football. If we have company (which is rare), we have snacks around all day, a puzzle to work on, games to play, and always football on TV. If we are company-less (which is the norm), in the early afternoon we begin the task of outdoor decorating for the holiday season. This process will take at least two days (we rather cover the house, yard - front, back, and sides - and fences with holiday glitz). And after the outside is done, it's time to unload the myriad of boxes containing the indoor decorations from under the stairs, and I will spend the next few days, as my DH so aptly puts it, making "Christmas blow up all over the house." Our halls will be decked from stem to stern, inside and out.

And it all starts with...TRADITION! And for that, I am extremely thankful.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with the traditions and goodness you love, little ones, and may you pause to give thanks...for TRADITION!

~Happy Thanksgiving!~

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