Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Kitchen Journey, Day 27

Chuck and I got all the handles on we have had a small, actual hand in the creation of this beautiful kitchen. ;)

Filling the cabinets and drawers started yesterday and will continue today (and throughout the coming week). Of course, the first area filled is where Sprocket's stuff will be kept:

And here's close-ups of the cabinet countertop:

And the island countertop:

The amount of space in these cabinets is almost overwhelming. We are finally able to have all our food in the kitchen (instead of half of it in the basement). There are so many cabinets that we might actually have "extra" storage space...what a concept!

We cannot thank the master craftspeople who have helped this dream come true enough. Andy Booth, contractor, did the tile and will do the backsplash; Craig Carroll took our vision and made it come to life with the wormy maple cabinets; Mike & Karla Kelly built us the most beautiful solid-surface countertops; Steve Wicks rewired the kitchen so it was not all on one circuit (still don't understand why the hell it was like that....) and put in the new track lighting; Jim Conklin will plumb in the sink and dishwasher, and run the propane line for the gas cooktop; and Eli of Hunters Home Center helped us pick out appliances, and he and his crew will be where later in the week to install them all. All of these people have worked hard to help us realize our dream kitchen, and we thank them all so very much.

Dream those big kitchen remodel dreams, little ones, and someday they might well come true!

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