Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Mom, what's a 'lesbian'?"

I was not prepared to hear this question from my then-kindergarten-aged son as I tucked him into bed one night...but I did (and do) consider myself an open-minded, modern Mom, so I took a deep breath and said: "Well, hon, a lesbian is a woman who loves and lives with another know, like Dad and I love each other and live together, but it's two women instead of a man and a woman. Remember my friends Jane and Alice? They have been together almost 20 years now, and they are lesbians."

I thought I'd handled that explanation rather well, when he looked up at me and said: ", a new boy started at school today and he said he was 'lesbian' - so now I don't really understand what he meant...."

"Oh, hon! Now I understand your meant to ask, 'What is Lebanese, didn't you?!"

"Yea Mom, that's it! What's a 'Lebanense'?"

"That's someone from the country of Lebanon, in the Middle East, hon."

"Oh, OK, Mom. That makes a lot more sense..."

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I open this blog with some thoughts on my current journey:

I was touched deeply by the Annie Proulx short story "Brokeback Mountain" when I first read it, and even more so when I finally saw the movie. Love is indeed a force of nature. It was my love of the story and movie that led me to begin anew my life's journey...

The forces that shape us - that help define who we are - are many and varied. But one of the strongest, undoubtedly, is the force of nature. We are, in no small part, a product of our geography. I was raised in the mountains of northwestern Wyoming and the pull of the mountains is strong in me. No matter where I have roamed in this life, I have felt the pull of the mountains. In March 2006 I ventured back to the geography of my youth - the mountains surrounding Cody, Wyoming. I spent several days up Southfork and Northfork, taking pictures of "my" mountains. I thought ... reflected ... wrote ... dreamed ... reminisced, all the while listening to the sounds of the mountains and the strains of k.d. lang's "hymns of the 49th parallel," finding myself playing ms. lang's haunting version of Leonard Cohen's "Halleujah" over and over as I drank in the beauty of the gods...

Join me on this particular journey where dreams live...