Monday, May 15, 2006

...But Sprocket Stays!

My son attended the local high school's graduation ceremonies yesterday and came home talking about "when I graduate next year..." and "I wanna have an open house and invite...." OK, that had me already panicking over empty-nest syndrome, visions of him only coming home for visits, not actually living here any longer wandering around his room, hearing only empty echoes, checking my e-mail for messages from him....

Then this morning he was again talking about "the future" and Sprocket came bouncing into the living room. I said, "You are NOT taking Sprocket to college, even after you get your own place and don't live in the dorms after your freshman year." It's bad enough my one and only child will be leaving me in another year, but not my dog, too!!!
"But he's MY dog," he said. "I paid for him and he's mine."
"I'll pay you for him," I said, "I'll pay you what you paid, I promise."
"Really? You'd pay me for him?!"
"Yes! He's mine and you cannot take him with you, ever!"
"OK, as long as you'll pay me." ...little capitalist

Whew, that's a load off my mind...I'm sooooo not ready to have a EMPTY empty nest. So in the fall of 2007, when my baby leaves home, at least I'll still have good ol' Sprocket to keep me company ...even if he will cost me a fortune. ;)

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