Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Ever-So-Brave Sprocket

Oh, to have had a video camera today! Austin brought home a blue kids swimming/wading pool today - got it from a friend that is moving to Las Vegas (I think the friend is gonna be sorry he gave it away). He put it on the deck and didn't give it a second thought ...until we let Sprocket outside this afternoon.

I glanced out as I shut the deck door and saw Sprocket moving v e r y slowly across the deck, watching that silly blue pool with rapt attention and barking his little head off. He slunk across the deck, down the stairs into the yard, stood about 20 feet away from where the pool was on the deck... and barked like a banshee. Over the course of the next 5 minutes, he worked up the courage to venture closer to the deck where the pool was sitting, sniffing through the railing of the deck and barking, of course.

Our oh-so-brave little Schipperke finally worked up the nerve to climb back up the deck stairs and venture closer to the actual object of his terror. He circled the pool, giving it a VERY wide berth ...and eventually he tossed caution to the wind the sniffed it, standing as far away from it as possible and l e a n i n g toward it (I had no idea a Schipperke could stretch like that!). Of course, after that exploratory sniff, he ran away from the pool, off the deck, and into the yard barking his head off again. It took about 10 more minutes before he worked up the nerve to come back up on the deck and into the house... all the while watching that horrible blue monster out the corner if his eye....

I can't wait until tomorrow ...we're gonna fill the pool and put him in it. I've got to at least get my camera out for that!


miffed67 said...

LMAOOOOO! I can SO see all of that happening!

We have a 6 ft. tall privacy fence, and our dog is used to the view he usually gets...nominally....the sky. One day the next door neighbors rented a bounce house for their kids' birthday party and poor Sammy went BALLISTIC. It was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.

~DKBB~ said...

Oh miffed, that must have been priceless!!!

The weather has not cooperated yet (ridiculous winds), so we haven't had a chance to fill the pool yet. But when we do, I'll be there with my camera poised and ready!

Nothing Really Matters said...

LOL oh if only i had a pool in my garden with this hot weather we are having.

miffed67 said...

Oh yeah, we'll definitely need to see pictures of that!