Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Difference Between Guys and Gals

A few incidents occurred this past week that really illustrated the difference between the male and the female psyches. The first story involves a car and a cat: A girl accidentally hits a cat that runs out in the street in front of her car; she is so upset by the incident that she forgets what the purpose of her trip in the car was and drive homes, very upset. A guy accidentally hits a cat that runs out the int street in front of his car, and he backs up and runs over it again to be sure it's dead. Ewwww... that visual was not pleasant, but I understand the philosophy. (Do not bother to post comments about the thoughtlessness, brutality, etc., of the guy point of view, cuz I'll just delete 'em - cuz I can... there's a little bit of "guy philosophy" in me, too.)

The second incident happened at 11:39 pm Friday night: Our son comes home, says "A bunch of us guys are going camping out by Bordeaux Creek - we'll be back in the morning." He grabs a sleeping bag, they toss a futon mattress in the bed of a truck, and off they go. I was amazed at this spur-of-the-moment adventure, and it got me to thinking about camping adventures I had when I was his age. We would plan for weeks, writing menus, shopping for food, packing all the right clothes (warm clothes in case it got cold, shorts and swimsuits in case it was hot, at least 3 pairs of shoes, coats, boots), getting a big tent from one of our fathers, sleeping bags, cots (we never slept on the ground - heaven forbid!), lanterns... it was a bloody danged expedition! We could have never gone off on the spur of the moment - there was too much to do, too much to take.... I think we might have been missing the point, don't you?! And as bad as my friends and I were, my sister and her buddies were worse - they'd do all the same planning, then pitch a tent in our backyard, run an extension cord (or 2 or 3) through the bathroom window, and take out a TV and a lamp - then they'd spend a few nights "roughing it" in the backyard.

The third incident involved the simple question of a male to a female of "How are you feeling?" She told him how she was feeling, and he was rather dumbfounded by that... he said when you ask a guy that question, the only answer you ever get is "Fine," or "Crappy" explanation, no dialogue, just a one-word answer.

Oh yes, little ones, there ARE major differences between guys and gals ...and we're not talkin' physical differences - those can be counted and itemized - we are talkin' psychological differences, and they are infinite. Be afraid, little ones, be very afraid....


Anonymous said...

^_^ loved your way in writing ! Very true in what you wrote ..

Blogging for scraps... said...

The differences between men and women are great. I find it also infinitely mesmerising the differences from women to women. It's what entertains me.

Don't mention camping. It's been band.