Thursday, July 13, 2006


We all have 'em ... some lurk in the shadows, others shine in the daylight ... but wherever they may dwell, they are inextricably a part of each of us.

My obsessions cover a myriad of things ... mountains (that's probably one of the strongest), food (which explains why there's about 2x more of me today than there was 25 years ago), authors and their words (LOVE Annie Proulx, Mark Spragg, Janet Evanovich, Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs...), musicians and their tunes (Prince, k.d. lang, Frank Zappa, Norah Jones, Chris Issak, Elton John, Dixie Chicks...), actors (Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams, Johnny Depp, Sean Connery, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts...), movies (Brokeback Mountain, Reds, Purple Rain, The Godfather, Sleepless in Seattle...). Obsessions are fun to feed, but the coolest thing about obsessions is the way they make you learn. You become obsessed with something/ someone/ whatever, and you begin searching out everything you can on that obsession (god bless the Internet for providing such a wealth of pertinent information, as well as ungodly amounts of likely inaccurate information, but interesting crap nonetheless).

Obsessions are, I think, a necessary part of life. Just keep your obsessions at a healthy level of curiosity (stay far, far away from letting your obsessions take control of your life, please), and you'll be amazed at what you might learn along the way.

So go on, little ones, obsess away (in moderation, of course)!

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Blogging for scraps... said...

I am banned from seven zoo's in the uk for obsessing over goats. Only joking.

I think obsessions are great. I try to change mine on a weekly basis. Normally when I wash my bedding.