Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Night Lights

I love football... football season, the sound of helmets cracking, shoulder pads smacking, the THUD when a player is tackled, the roar of the crowd...I just love football!

Fall is a wonderful season of changing colors, crisp mornings, cool evenings, and Friday night lights. We bundle up and head to the football field about an hour before the game starts to partake in the tailgate parties sponsored by our booster club and local merchants, and we always have our butts in the stands at least 30 minutes before kick off so we can watch our son run onto the field with his team.

I'm one of those screaming, excited, never-sits-down, drives-everyone-around-her-crazy fans. By the end of a game I'm usually horse, but it's so worth it! I scream, I cheer, I sing the school song - and I very vocally admonish all the sit-on-their-butts people around me to "get up and cheer, dammit!" and to "sing the school song, for gods' sake, the words are in your damn program!" I don't think they like me much, but tough tooties...I'm here, I'm a football mom, and I'm loud and proud!!!

My son played soccer for 11 years before he switched to football - he was a goalkeeper. I was just as damned excited, and annoying, at every single one of his soccer games as I am at his football games. At least now I've got a few more vocal allies in the stands with me so I'm not screamin' alone anymore. ;)

Crisp nights, changing colors, and Friday night lights....does it get any better than this!?!


John said...

Yes it can get better than that Dorrene........ Sat afternoons at the Big House LOL very nice site hon!!!! John (SirJohn)

~DKBB~ said...

Blue!! How wonderful! So glad you stumbled upon my lil' blog!

And while Saturday afternoons at Memorial Stadium are very nice (Go Big Red!), there truly is NOTHING better than watchin' Austin on the field under the Friday night lights! And, he's no. 3 in tackles in the panhandle already this season! :)

Best of luck, Blue...and I'll see you in the bowl games at season's end! Big Red is BACK!!!! :)

~Ms. Red~

Blogging for scraps... said...

football / soccer. you confuse me. It's all football to us brits. How can you call a game played with your hands football?