Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Gift of Surprise

Today my mother and I got the most glorious, joyful, wonderful gift ever! My sister and her husband were picking us up to take us to lunch (an outing we had arranged yesterday). When they pulled up in their SUV, we went out to meet them. I opened the back door of the vehicle so we could get in, and sitting there on the seat was Meghan (my niece, Mom's grandaughter)! I have no doubt, little ones, that you heard my shouts of joyous surprise all around this earth. We have not seen Meghan since Christmas 2004; she lives and works in Charleston, SC, now and is oh so very far away from the backwaters of Wyoming and Nebraska where we all live. This surprise was so unexpected, so welcome, and so wonderful...making this one of the best days ever!!!


Anonymous said...

I so love your writing. Thank you for sharing this it is just beautiful.

Blogging for scraps... said...

Hope you have a great few days. I don't get to see my nieces as much as I should and they are only a few miles away. Make the most of it.