Monday, October 16, 2006

It's All Good

Senior Night for my son's high school football team was last Friday. All the parents lined up with their sons and walked on the field as each family was introduced. It was really a nice experience.

After all us parents scurried back to our seats in the stands, the defensive line-up was introduced, and once again our son's name was called out as he ran onto the field. I heard some gasps and several comments around me as "Lobster Boy" ran to the middle of the field. You see, he's had a few little injuries so far this season, so now they are taping up each ankle (both under his socks and over his shoes) so he looks like he's wearing spats. And he injured his thumb in practice last week, so he had to wear a brace, which was very well padded, for the game. He was quite a sight.

I've been a sports mom for well over a decade, so it takes a LOT to cause me concern in terms of injuries. For over a decade, my son was a soccer goalie (who took great joy in being able to "legally" take out the other side's players), and for the past several years he's been a football linebacker. I am very used to him getting the crud beat outa him, or better yet, beating the crud outa the other guy. I figure as long as he gets up and all limbs are still attached, it was a good, clean hit.

So, when "Lobster Boy" ran onto the field, amidst the concerned comments all around me on Friday night, I said, "It's all good! He's intact, and he's havin' fun. And that's all that really matters." And the fact that he played a great game and his team won - beating their rivals - was just gravy.

Yep, it's all good....

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