Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Series of Moments

...all strung together, they form a whole. Happy moments, sad moments, important moments, insignificant moments, loud moments, quiet moments, joyous moments, devastating moments, loving moments...a long, wonderful series of moments that, taken as a whole, are life.

This thought popped in to my mind as I drove back home from a day in Rapid City earlier this week. I had gone to Rapid to meet a dear old friend for lunch - for a moment, as it were. We spent a few hours sharing good food and wonderfully good company, glancing outside the restaurant at the snow every now and then, commenting "well, we'd better both head home before it gets any worse." When we did finally, reluctantly, part company, we headed in opposite directions (her to the north, me to the south) into the snow.

I drove through Rapid City and headed down the highway to home, with snow blowing hard and visibility about 1/2 mile...I was not thrilled to be driving in the snow, and I was not looking forward to having to do so all the way home, but I knew the trip had been worth the journey already. About 20 miles south of Rapid City, the snow tapered off and as I approached Hot Springs, I topped a hill and was dazzled by one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in ages. The skies to the west were the brightest blue and the clouds were outlined in pure gold. The air just was breathtaking! (Of course, I didn't have my camera with me...Murphy's Law, right?!)

And as I continued my sojourn home, I thought about day had been a series of rather disconnected, but still flowing, moments. Taken separately, some of those moments weren't all that great, while other moments were truly stellar...but when you string all those moments together, you get a pretty damned decent day. :)

So, little ones, enjoy your moments - the good, the bad, the happy, the sad - and the life those moments create. It's all good....

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