Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Sherman, set the way-back machine."

~Mr. Peabody, from the old Bullwinkle & Rocky cartoons

For those of us of a certain age, the above quote will make complete sense...for everyone younger than us, look it up.

Certain things always take us back in time....the scent of your mother's perfume, the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, "your song" on the oldies station of the radio, a movie/movie star/soundtrack. So many, many things can transport you back to a time that is etched in your memory, for good or bad....

My "way-back machine" triggers are many and varied...old Elton John songs transport me back to the Woolworth's in my little hometown where I would buy Elton John albums with my saved-up allowance money....the opening cords of "Eye of the Tiger" send me straight back to my first viewing of Rocky in 1976 and the Rocky poster that adorned my dorm room wall that year....visions of Veedawoo take me right back to my first "date" with my hubby when he took me rock climbing.

Last night I was being a couch slug, flipping through the channels, when I was stopped cold by an image of mountains and one of the most gorgeous men on this earth..."Jeremiah Johnson" was on TV. I fell in love with Robert Redford because of that movie, but what really spoke to me was the mountains. I think I must have been a mountain man (or woman) in a past life....the mountains, especially the Rocky Mountains, speak to my soul in such a deep, profound ALWAYS feels like home when I see them, and especially when I'm blessed enough to be in them. I sat there, watching one my favorite stories unfold in gorgeous scenery, and felt very blessed to be able to visit the "way-back machine" once more.

When the movie ended and the credits rolled, I thought back to the time that the real Jeremiah Johnston was reburied [from a VA cemetery in California to] just outside of Cody, Wyoming, in the graveyard of Bob Edgar's Old Trail Town, in the shadow of Cedar and Rattlesnake Mountains. Robert Redford attended the ceremony and spoke. There were even some actual mountain men in attendance (they lived in the Absaroka range of the Rockies then, roaming between Cody and Jackson in some of the most glorious wilderness in the lower 48). I was enthralled...more so by the romance of the mountain men and the mountains than anything else, I think.

"Sherman, set the way-back machine...."

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Clean Slate

Ah, the beginning of a new year...sorta lets you set everything back to zero and start fresh, doesn't it?! I love that idea....wiping the slate clean and starting anew. New adventures, new joys, new passions, new successes - and yes, also new sorrows, new disappointments, new failures. But that feeling of starting fresh just cannot be beat!

Freshly fallen snow...pristine, brilliant white, undisturbed...and just waiting for whatever comes next - the children playing and building snowmen, the wind moving it into drifts, the sun melting it away....whatever it is, it is always new, and always working from a clean slate...

So, little ones, may 2007 provide you with a clean slate and bring you everything you desire, and more....and may you learn and experience new things every single day.