Sunday, March 04, 2007

March-ing, Part 1

Every month of every year is filled with traditions...universal, cultural, and (mostly) personal traditions. March is traditionally our "beef" month. Every other year, one weekend during the month of March we trek to the central part of the state and spend a day cutting up and packaging a half a beef, to fill our freezer for another 2 years. We've been doing this for at least the last 10 years...driving to the center of the state, spending the night in a small hotel in Broken Bow, then driving out to our friends' ranch early in the morning and spending the day there, cutting, packaging, visiting, eating a fabulous meal, then driving back home with a truck full of beef-filled coolers.

It's hard work, but it's worth it - for the beef, but more so for the friendship. The ranch we head to is 95 years old this year and has been held by the same family through multiple generations all these years. The owners and their extended family and friends are hard workers, and fantastic people.

This year our "March" to the center of the state brought us to an unexpected gift. As we drove east and south through the Sandhills region of the state on Saturday evening, we were treated to a breathtaking view of the lunar eclipse. I didn't get the best pictures (I have got to remember to pack my tripod!), but at least I did get pictures.

As I always say, little ones, be open to the gifts that come your way....however and wherever they may come.

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