Saturday, March 10, 2007

Prexy's Pasture

Prexy’s Pasture is a big, open greenspace in the middle of the University of Wyoming campus. It is cross-crossed with sidewalks that have come into being based on the walking paths created by students, faculty, and staff as they move from one building or part of campus to the next on their journeys through this landscape of higher education.

Twenty-seven years ago, when I was on this campus on my own journey through higher education, Prexy’s Pasture was a green lawn with just a few sidewalks criss-crossing it, a lot of paths worn into the grass, and few flower beds. In the fall, spring, and summer there were always people scattered on the grass – studying, talking, sleeping, playing frisbee, catchin’ some rays….

Today – on a cool, clear early spring day – I see a Prexy’s Pasture with a few more amenities (a beautiful sculpture in the center, surrounded by benches; more benches scattered at each end, and more sidewalks criss-crossing it...lots more sidewalks), but the spirit remains the same. It is a little oasis, a place to pause, reflect, catch your breath before you move on to the next class, the next task.

Take a cue from Prexy's Pasture, little ones...every now and then, find a spot - your own little oasis - to pause, reflect, catch your breath before you move on the to next task....

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