Friday, April 27, 2007

Knock, knock! Who's there?

I hate door-to-door solicitation. Don't get me wrong, I love to buy the magazines, candy bars, and cookies from the kids that are raising money for whatever purpose for school/sports/clubs. But I quite dislike adults that go door-to-door to (1) tell me all about their religious beliefs or (2) offer to provide me a "free" service of some sort so they can demonstrate the wonderful product they are selling.

I really don't understand why someone would feel compelled to go door-to-door to tell others about their personal religious beliefs. It just seems wrong, and rather invasive, to me. You have every right, of course, to believe what you want. But what in the world gives you the right to come uninvited to my home and share your personal beliefs with me?! I must have missed the memo that gave blanket permission for that....

And if you come to my door trying to offer me a "free" service - such as vacuuming or shampooing my carpet - don't be the least bit surprised if I say "No thank you." And don't have the audacity to tell me I'm being rude to you. You're the one that came, uninvited, to my front door and tried to come into my home for your own financial benefit. I didn't ask you to come to my door, and I sure as heck didn't ask you into my home. We do have "green river" ordinances in my small town - if you want to sell something door-to-door (even if it's a "free" service), you must be bonded and have a license to do so. And even if you are bonded and do have a license, I still have the right to say "No thank you." And I also have the right to expect you to leave my doorstep at that point and not argue with me or try to guilt me in to letting you - a complete and total stranger - into my home.

During political season, candidates and their supporters are wont to wander about from house to house selling, well, themselves or the candidate they support. Again, I don't greatly appreciate the uninvited visit, but I will take any literature you have to share, and if I have questions for/about the candidate, I will happily engage in a conversation with you on the doorstep. But I most likely won't ask you into my home, unless I know you well and want to pursue an extended conversation about the candidate.

So, little ones, it's best that you not come knocking at my door uninvited unless you are under the age of 18 and are working to raise money for your sports team/club/school. If you're an adult looking to sell me your religion or "free" services, I'm just not interested...I don't want you in my home...and I don't really care if you think that's rude.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random Photos of Breathtaking Beauty #8

Methinks we need more beauty to help erase the ugly we seem to be drowning in here lately, so here's some more photos from my Taos trip:

Rio Grande River

Sangre De Cristo Mountains

The Raven

Mountains East of Taos

New Mexico Skies (talk about BLUE!)

Hidden in every moment is beauty, little ones....sometimes you just have a dig a little to find it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

We Need Something Beautiful....

so I finally took some time to get a few of my Taos pictures together for you, little ones. The week before Easter, I went to Taos, New Mexico, with my dear friend. She and I do a "girls vacation" every other year - just the two of us venture forth to discover some beautiful part of this country where we can hike, take lots o' pictures, eat too much and too good, and have a wonderful, relaxing time. Taos proved to be a lovely little jewel of a town in a gorgeous part of our great country. The drive south from I-25 to Taos was beautiful high plains/mountains vistas. I heartily recommend Taos as a vacation destination any time of the year. There's great skiing and winter sports in the cold months; gorgeous drives, hikes, and river rafting in the warm months; fabulous shopping and restaurants year-round....all in all, it's a wonderful location! I will do my best to share my photos over the next week or so.

These three photos are shots of the Rio Grande River Gorge, just a few miles west of Taos, taken in the evening as the sun was nearing the western horizon (thus the VERY obvious dichotomy of light):

And this photo is from the same location, but looking east back toward the mountains that frame the east side of Taos.

Open your hearts, little ones, to the beauty around you. Even when it feels like there's nothin' but a whole lot o' ugly, the beauty is shining within....

My Heart is Heavy....

and my loving thoughts go out to those in pain tonight in Virginia, and elsewhere, who have been affected by this disastrous turn of events. I just don't understand...what the h*ll happened to the basic tenant of love one another?!? Life is such a precious gift...why would one choose to squander it? And what EVER gives anyone the right to make that choice for another breathing human being?!? We are all in this together, little ones; sometimes the road gets damned rough, but that doesn't give ANYONE the right to erase the travelers.

Love your family and friends, tell them "I love you" every damn chance you get...the really sad thing is, you never know when you'll have the chance to tell 'em again.

Go softly into this good night, little ones, go softly....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

I'm having a blast in Taos, NM, on a "girls vacation" this week, but I couldn't forget to toss out good wishes to y'all for this holiday season. Whatever your beliefs, this time of year is a glorious renewal.

Have a glorious Easter/Passover/Spring/whateveryouchoosetocelebrate, little ones!