Monday, April 16, 2007

We Need Something Beautiful....

so I finally took some time to get a few of my Taos pictures together for you, little ones. The week before Easter, I went to Taos, New Mexico, with my dear friend. She and I do a "girls vacation" every other year - just the two of us venture forth to discover some beautiful part of this country where we can hike, take lots o' pictures, eat too much and too good, and have a wonderful, relaxing time. Taos proved to be a lovely little jewel of a town in a gorgeous part of our great country. The drive south from I-25 to Taos was beautiful high plains/mountains vistas. I heartily recommend Taos as a vacation destination any time of the year. There's great skiing and winter sports in the cold months; gorgeous drives, hikes, and river rafting in the warm months; fabulous shopping and restaurants year-round....all in all, it's a wonderful location! I will do my best to share my photos over the next week or so.

These three photos are shots of the Rio Grande River Gorge, just a few miles west of Taos, taken in the evening as the sun was nearing the western horizon (thus the VERY obvious dichotomy of light):

And this photo is from the same location, but looking east back toward the mountains that frame the east side of Taos.

Open your hearts, little ones, to the beauty around you. Even when it feels like there's nothin' but a whole lot o' ugly, the beauty is shining within....

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