Monday, May 28, 2007

Random Photos of Breathtaking Beauty #10

More iris opened up this morning!

"Black As Night, Part I"
"Black As Night, Part II"

"R U Bi?"

"Screaming Yellow Zonkers"

"Brown Can Be Pretty"

"Star Lilly"

All photos copyrighted 2007 by ~DKBB~

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Random Photos of Breathtaking Beauty #9

It's the wonderful time of year when the peonies, columbine, and iris are in bloom around my yard. I thought I'd share some beauty with you, little ones:

"A Splash of Sunlight"
"I Love Purple!"

"Go Seminoles!"

"A Promise of Things to Come"

"Sunlight and Shadows"

"My Favorite"


(All photos copyrighted 2007 by ~DKBB~)

Words To Live By #5: It's Never Too Late...

"It's never too late - in fiction or in life - to revise." --Nancy Thayer

It's that just a great philosophy?! It's never too revise. When things are not going the way you'd planned, when life is kickin' ya in the tukus, it's never too late to rethink the direction you're headed in and make necessary revisions to aid you in your journey.

Say your job is not at all what you'd anticipated. Hard as it may be, you DO have the power to change it. You can talk to your supervisor about changes you wish to make, you can start looking for another job, you can take that ever-so-scary leap of faith and create your OWN job by starting your own business or pursuing that pie-in-the-sky dream you've had for years. Revise!

The relationship that was all hearts and flowers a while back is dancing quickly toward rotten vegetables and rocks. Stop, right now, and revise! You can both find your way to a new world of hearts and flowers if you both commit. And if it's just not happening, you can move on. Revise!

I really like the thought of you a way to attack any problem, any situation, anything, really, in your life. If it's just not working, little ones, REVISE!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It was wonderful and memorable, but.....

Graduation is chapter closed and a new one is now being written. It was wonderful in that we had most of our family and lots of friends in attendance, our son's speech was great, he won the "Math Scholar" honor, the weather held out, and a good time was had by all.

However, the way the gym was set up for the ceremonies sucked, the acoustics were rather poor, and it was entirely too hot in that gym! I would strongly suggest to the school administration that they go back to the "old" way of setting up the gym, roll a couple of the big fans I *know* they keep in Armstrong into the gym before ceremonies and get some air movement going, and maybe next year show a little more "give a damn," please.

I have felt since Honors night that the end-of-year events have been afterthoughts at best. Nothing has been done all that well (except baccalaureate, which the kids did themselves and it was *awesome*). In fact, some things wouldn't have been done at all if it were not for the kids themselves. And while the student honors were very nice at graduation ceremonies, it would have been nicer if the certificates had at least been signed...and it would have been very nice to have the class flower accurate (what, was it too hard to actually "tip" the roses?!). Sometimes the details matter....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My valedictorian will graduate from high school this Sunday. I have spent a lot of time this week putting a memory book together for him - just a page or two for each year of his life up to now. It's bittersweet looking back over these past 18 years - remembering the many, many highs...and the few lows...realizing that the vast majority of our work as parents is done. The foundation has been laid, and from here on out we have to trust that he is strong enough to weather whatever life tosses at him.

I know that the view toward his future right now is a bit like looking through frosted glass. He can see the general outline and probably begin to map his course, but it's rather blurry at the moment. As he moves forward, the future will slowly start coming in to focus. The view will change as his circumstances change, I know. But as long as he falls back on his strong foundation and has faith in his own abilities, the journey into that future will always be true, and hopefully, full of adventure.

May you all find that you have strong foundations, little ones...and even when the view is fuzzy, may all your journeys in this life be filled with adventure....

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Years Fly By

My one and only child will graduate from high school in a mere two weeks. Where did those 18 years go? You turn around twice and nearly two decades pass....

I will likely wax poetic on this topic more than a few times in the upcoming days, but for now I will leave it at this: We have done a dang good job of raising a truly wonderful young man. We are proud of ourselves, but more proud of our wonderful young man as he stands on the verge of an unknown, but hopefully adventurous, future. Way to go, bud! We love you!