Thursday, June 28, 2007

Are We Done Yet?!?

Last summer it was fire...this summer it was hail.

As I documented last summer, my area of the country was rather ravaged by fire. Now, 11 months later, we have recovered for the most part. The landscape around us has been changed forever, but green grass did reappear, the animals moved back into the burned forest, and things seem to be progressing as they should.

Then, just last Friday, Mother Nature did it to us again...only this time it was a hail storm. No huge losses, but lots and lots of roofs damaged, automobiles dimpled, and gardens and flowers wiped out. Nothing we can't recover from, but geesh! Give us a break already!

Maybe she's trying to tell us something...make us listen to her warnings before it's too late for her Earth. Yes, I do believe in the Greenhouse Effect, and yes I am trying to live a greener and less polluting life. I'm just one little tiny cog in the wheel, but I am trying...

So please, Mother Nature, give us a break...move on from us and enact your fury elsewhere for a while, if you must...we've had enough to last us a lifetime. Are we done yet?!?

UPDATE (7/10/07): Nope, not done yet at all....the Pine Ridge Reservation (northeast of where I live) suffered a 23,000 acre wildfire on Sunday. The Hot Springs, SD, area (50ish miles north of where I live) is experiencing their own personal Mother Nature hell. They have been plagued with a forest fire since Sunday...30 homes lost...2 firefighters injured...and, worst of all, one life lost. The fire, as of this morning, is almost 9,000 acres. Mother Nature is apparently still pissed....

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