Thursday, August 16, 2007

Introspection...and anticipation

Our one and only child will officially start his college career on Monday, his 19th birthday. It's hard for me to grasp that 19 years have flown by. Life has tossed a heck of a lot of things his way this summer, but he has risen to the challenge (as have we, I think) and is trekking into the unknown of his future with optimism and excitement.

The coming year will bring so many things into his life, and, marriage to a truly magnificent young woman, a new little baby. So many joys on the road ahead await!

Nineteen years ago I would have never imagined where we'd all be on our journeys today. But now, I look forward to the adventures ahead! Hang on, little ones, it's gonna be one hell of an exciting ride!!!!

"It's the journey, not the destination, that matters!" ~DKBB~

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Words To Live By #6: There are no accidents....

"I don't believe in accidents. I know for sure that everything in life happens to help us live." ~Oprah Winfrey

My mother always told me "everything happens for a reason." I think she and Oprah are on to something with this philosophy....

Don't ask 'why' or 'why me,' little ones....just know that everything - good, bad, and inbetween - happens to help us live.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What a difference a year makes....

A year ago my little corner of the world was in Hell...surrounded by forest fires, the town itself was harrowing, terrifying, and life-changing. Many of you, little ones, sent your prayers for rain and safety my way and I *know* they had a positive impact.

We all survived and over time green grass appeared to cover the scorched earth; insects, birds, and animals moved back into the forest; new construction is happening to replace the three lost homes; and we have grown used to the sight of dead, burned trees. Life goes on, right?

Last Saturday the local radio station dedicated a beautiful stone marker in commemoration of the 2006 fires. The inscription reads as follows:

July 26-August 3, 2006
Wildfires caused by lightning burned 68,000 acres in Dawes and Sioux counties.
This marker is dedicated to the firefighters and volunteers from seven states and the people
of the communities that fought the fires. Three homes were destroyed. No lives were lost.
The Spotted Tail Fire burned to this point.

Now, a year removed from the flames, new life abounds around us - in so many places, in so many forms - and we are filled with anticipation and optimism for a bright, wonderful, challenging, adventurous future.

Dear little ones, you cannot begin to know the difference a year makes....