Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's not work if it's done with love...

I spent a few days away from home last week helping a dear friend with her new store opening. We worked hard (she worked much harder than me), but we had a great time. She has done such a wonderful job with her store...the refurbishing of the building, the merchandise and crafts (wonderful treasures, really). We worked hard getting it all ready for the grand opening, and we fell into bed each night exhausted (her more so than me, I'm sure). It was a wonderfully successful opening, and I *know* her store will be a big hit for a very long time.

What I came away with was a wonderful sense of accomplishment and joy. Nothing is "work" if it's done with love. Anything we do out of love is a gift - to ourselves and to others - and never a burden, never "work."

I had the best time helping out...and I hope to go back and help out again in the future....just so I can experience the joy of that kind of "work" again.

So, little ones, you must find a way to do something you love and make it your life's "work," and you might just have a shot at one heck of a great future. As I always say, "find your bliss!"

Oh, and if you're ever in Belle Fourche, SD, be sure to check out Blue Stem Studios (a gift store like no other) and The Tri-State Bakery Studio (fabric store extraordinaire)...I know you'll love 'em!

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