Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Be Thankful Every Day

It's been one heck of a month so far, little ones. I have, of course, been consumed with my new little grandson. He is such a joy in my life. But two weeks ago he started having some problems and one week ago he had to have surgery for pyloric stenosis. *Here's a little hint for you: when the baby isn't keeping ANYTHING down and everything is comes back at you like Linda Blair showering the room with pea soup in "The Exorcist," take the baby to a good pediatrician, cuz that's most definitely NOT the average baby spitup.*

When someone you love more than the air you breathe is sick, you quickly realize how unimportant things like paying the bills, keeping up with the news, cleaning house...the everyday things of life...are. All that matters is your loved one getting healthy again. You pray, you worry, you toss out positive energy and white light to the cosmos...and you wait. Luckily, my little Torsten came through the surgery just fine and is doing well and gaining weight again. And I am thankful to every god, every force, every spirit there is.

And I am, more than ever, aware that cleaning, doing the dishes, reading the newspapers and all the other things of daily living can wait. In this moment, I just want to cuddle my grandson.

What's important to you in the moment is sometimes all that matters, little ones.