Monday, April 28, 2008


This year's Chadron State College Teaching Excellence Award winner is Dr. Chuck Butterfield, Associate Professor of Range Management, Department Chair of Applied Sciences, and loving husband of yours truly. This is truly a well-deserved honor and I am incredibly proud of him!

Chuck works 24/7 almost year-round for his students and for CSC. There are way too many meetings and way too much administrative crap that fill his time. But no matter how busy he gets with all that, teaching and his students always come first. He always has time to help a student, write a letter of recommendation, or lend an ear when it's needed. Every one of his students that wants a job will have one when he/she graduates because Chuck has one heck of a knack for finding the right job for the right student. He's a tough, but fair, teacher. He expects the best from, and brings out the best in, his students. And while most of them will tell you he's a very hard teacher, they will also tell you he's one of the best teachers they've ever had.

Way to go, hon!!!!! No one deserves this honor more than you!!!

The Eagle Has Become a Jet!

To say folks around these parts are proud of Danny Woodhead is a HUGE understatement. The soft-spoken, incredibly polite, superbly talented running back from North Platte that graced the Chadron State College Eagles football team for the past four years - and that holds the NCAA all-Division career rushing record - signed a free-agent contract with the New York Jets immediately following the 2008 NFL draft yesterday. Kudos to Jets coach Eric Mangini for giving our Eagle the opportunity to soar with the big boys in New York.

Congratulations, Danny! No one deserves this chance more than you. Give it your best shot; I know you'll make us proud!

See, little ones, you CAN make your dreams come true if you just believe in yourself!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


To truly live an authentic live you must live, laugh, cry, give with all your heart and soul without expectation of receiving anything in return. As soon as you put a condition on it...I'll love you IF, I'll give you this IF, I'll spend time with you ceases being love and becomes something different altogether.

If you can live unconditionally, you will be able to love unconditionally. But to do it well, you must learn to drop every expectation you have and be willing to live, love, laugh, cry, and give without expecting anything in return. If you can do that, you will be on the path to living an authentic life.

So, little ones, drop the expectations and start living, and loving, unconditionally...on the path to your authentic life.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Love and Respect

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary. I deliberately picked a date that could not be easily forgotten...and provided myself, my husband, and all our family and friends with the ultimate April Fool's Day joke.

Twenty-four years of marriage...over 28 years together all told...creates one hell of a history. We have had many adventures - both good and bad, been poor, been not-poor, climbed mountains, walked prairies, suffered through yucky humid climates and dry, drought-ridden climates, survived a terrifying wildfire, raised a great son, welcomed our wonderful daughter-in-law and joyous grandson into the family, fought, been happy together, been sad together, been mad together (and mad at one another now and again), and through it all loved and respected one another.

That's the key, little ones, love and respect. Love without respect is hollow...empty. If you cannot respect the person you are journeying with, then it's all for naught. The vows we exchanged on that wonderful Sunday those many years ago reflected our respect and love for one another then, as they do now...they are from a poem written by Susan Polis Schutz, and they hold very true to this day:

I Promise That I Will Love You
~by Susan Polis Schutz

I cannot promise you that I will not change
I cannot promise you that I will not have many different moods
I cannot promise you that I will not hurt your feelings sometimes
I cannot promise you that I will not be erratic
I cannot promise you that I will always be strong
I cannot promise you that my faults will not show
But -
I do promise you that I will always be supportive of you
I do promise you that I will share all my thoughts and feelings with you
I do promise you that I will give you freedom to be yourself
I do promise you that I will understand everything that you do
I do promise you that I will be completely honest with you
I do promise you that I will laugh and cry with you
I do promise you that I will help you achieve all your goals
But -
Most of all I do promise you that I love you

The secret to a successful, happy, and long marriage is love AND respect. Take this lesson to heart, little ones....