Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Fun and Forever Memories

The Christmas I got the Tippy Toes doll...the Christmas my sister made me some awesome outfits for my Chrissy doll...the first Christmas I spent with Chuck...the second Christmas with Austin (he was just too young his first Christmas). Those were all very memorable for me. But THIS Christmas has been THE BEST EVER (to date)!

My family joined us, and on Christmas morning we all opened our gifts, watched Torsten open and play with his, then had a big ol' Christmas morning breakfast. It was GREAT!

I love Christmas and I love being able to spend the holidays with the people I love. We had a fantastic time, but we did all miss Meghan and wished she could have been here with us (why does South Carolina have to be so danged far away?!).

Hope your holidays are shaping up to be full of "forever memories," little ones!

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