Sunday, February 08, 2009

I Am Blessed

(Torsten, less than 1 hour old, 2-8-08)

Today is my angel-baby grandson Torsten's 1st birthday. As has been documented in this blog, Torsten was a bit of a surprise. His parents are young and were not planning on becoming parents so soon, but life had other plans for them. Torsten has proven to be the best thing that ever happened to any of us. He has taught us to be open to the unpredictableness of life, to accept the gifts we are given (whether we realize they are gifts or not), and to welcome the joy that is ours for the taking.

I have said over and over that Torsten is the for me. He reminds me daily to live in the moment. Yes, we need to always be thinking of and planning for the future, but if we do that to the exclusion of living in the NOW, we miss the point. The NOW, this one moment, only exists for a nanosecond...if you keep looking to the future, you will miss the present. I cherish the time I am blessed to spend with Torsten...we play together, we explore the world, and we find joy in everything.

The gifts Torsten has brought into my life are immeasurable. I have learned not to stress too much about things, which is a very good skill to have in these difficult economic times. I have learned that a ton of money is not necessary, but love and the ability to live a joyful life is priceless. I have learned the neatness and order are not the normal, or required, state of living. I have learned that the best way to live life is to dive in with total and utter abandon.

On this most special day, little ones, take the time to live in and love the dive into life with not just taste of life, but to immerse yourselves in it completely...don't just eat the cake, BE the cake. And, most of all, to give thanks for the unexpected joys life tosses your way.


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