Monday, May 25, 2009

In Honor of Memorial Day

A deeply heartfelt "Thank you!" to all the men and women who serve, and who have served, in our armed forces. You have all made a difference in our lives and our freedoms, and we are forever in your debt.

Take some time, little ones, to reflect on the importance of the sacrifices made so you can enjoy this day.

Transitions, Part 2

Well, we survived the caravan and the week in Lincoln closing on the house and getting it ready for the big move. I had a LOT of awesome one-on-one time with Torsten (I was head "Torsten wrangler" while everyone else worked on the house). He and Grandma had a really great time together!

Unfortunately, on the way back to Chadron Austin's truck broke down and is currently at the Kearney Chevy dealer awaiting repair. A minor set back with a major price tag...Murphy's law strikes again!

In another week or so, we will load the UHaul and head back to Lincoln on the final leg of this move. My heart is already a bit sad at the thought.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Transitions, Part 1

Later this week you might see a small caravan, 1 car and 2 trucks, traveling from northwest Nebraska to southeast Nebraska. Chuck and I, and Austin, Allison and Torsten are all heading to Lincoln to finalize the purchase of A&A's house and get it all ready for them to move in to.

As A&A approach their first wedding anniversary, they are taking that first big step toward their future...moving into their own home in Lincoln and moving forward with their educational careers.

I know in my head that it's time for them to leave the stilted confines of this little backwater, to venture forth on their own and begin forging their own paths without the constant presence of parents, siblings, etc. But my heart hasn't yet fully received the message...and it's gonna break a little when this move is complete and they are no longer stopping by every now and then or bringing Torsten over for me to watch 3 mornings a week. I will miss A&A, but boy will my heart ache for my little angel-baby grandson. Thanks heavens for cell phones, texting, Facebook, and Skype.

We'll see them all a few times this summer, and I have a feeling I will be making semi-regular trips to Lincoln, but still....they are about to fly from this nest, and I'll be the momma bird you see wandering around looking lost for a while.....