Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wildlife Roams the Rooms and Halls of CSC's Burkhiser Building

This week two semi-truckloads of wildlife trophies (head and full-body mounts) arrived at Burkhiser on the Chadron State College campus. They are a donation from that Nebraska stalwart of outdoor stores, Cabela's. They will be used for teaching purposes by the professors in the Rangeland and Wildlife Management programs, and will be displayed in classrooms and hallways through Burkhiser (and possibly at other locations on campus). The 65 or so trophies include a lot of animals native to North America, as well as several native to Africa.

You can see photos here. Eventually, everything that is sitting in the shop area will be placed somewhere on campus (mostly in Burkhiser, I would guess).

So, little ones, if you're ever in the neighborhood, pop in to Burkhiser and see the wildlife. And should you ever be at Cablea's in Sidney, tell 'em to tell the corporate folk down the street THANK YOU! for the wonderful donation!

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