Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Fresh Start

A new year, a new decade...a new chance to get it right.

When you begin writing 2010 on your checks, you know it's time to turn the page. Time to shake off the vestiges of the holidays (and holiday excess) and move forward with renewed vigor and determination. Resolutions be damned, it's time to make some changes.

I always enter into January a bit depressed...the holidays (my favorite time of the year) are over, the company (this year it was AA&T) has gone home, the decorations are taken down and put away (well, the indoor ones...the outdoor ones are still buried in snow and/or frozen to the ground...might not get them taken down till spring with the winter we are having). But by the end of the first week of the new year, I am usually starting to get back to normal (well, as "normal" as I ever get).

Every January I start out so optimistic, with plans to increase my exercise, decrease my food intake, and all in all live a healthier lifestyle. True to form, that's where I'm at right now...it is my fervent hope I can actually stick to it this time (as it is every year), but I'm not setting any goals or deadlines (those always trip me up)...I'm just gonna work at it and hope for the best.

So, little ones, here's to fresh starts, new changes and challenges, and always new adventures!