Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Not Just Toyotas, Folks....

Toyota has themselves a heck of a mess going on right now, don't they? Seems every day you hear of another model of Toyota either being recalled or "researched for safety issues."

Imagine my surprise when I received a recall notice for the "sticking gas pedal" issue for my 2009 Pontiac Vibe! Seems the Vibe was a "joint venture between GM and Toyota." It may say it's a Pontiac Vibe on the vehicle, but it's really a Toyota.

My little red beast is, as I type this, at the local used-to-be-Pontiac-is-still-Chevrolet dealer having the "sticking gas pedal" fix installed (that's Pontiac Recall No. 10018, if you're interested).

So, while you think you have dodged a bullet by not driving one of those recalled Toyotas, you might be mistaken. Watch your mail for recall notices, little ones. ☺

UPDATE: I left out the best part of this mess...when I picked up my newly fixed car, the driver's side floormat was gone. I asked where it was and was told, "Well, since there's a recall issue with the driver's floormat, we had to follow Toyota's directions. We removed it and put it in the trunk." Well, there's a high-tech fix for ya....

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