Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Joy of Competition

I love the Winter Olympics...the dancing-on-the-razor's-edge aspect of most of the sporting events...the seemingly reckless abandon of the athletes. It's one big adrenaline rush!

It's a bit of an oxymoron, though, isn't it? While hundreds of the top athletes from around the world converge on Vancouver and show us what they've got, we all become champion couch potatoes and watch them 24/7. We are inspired by amazing feats of athletes we've never heard of before from countries we may only be vaguely aware of. We cheer them on, groan and ache for them when it goes wrong (RIP Nodar Kumaritashvili), and all-in-all enjoy the heck outa their hard work and dedication.

Once the games end, we need to all get off our couches and go outside...allow ourselves to be inspired by the athletes we watched for two weeks...and get moving!

So, little ones, for now settle in and enjoy the Winter Olympics and all it has to offer. But come March 1, you'd best be getting on those walking shoes and moving!

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