Monday, April 12, 2010


Spring is like the "reset" for nature...all the detritus of the winter is cleared away and the earth starts to sing once again, filling the dull grays and browns with greens and vibrant colors. As the trees and lawns wake up and the flowers start poking up out of the soil, I too feel a sense of re-awakening and renewal...I turn my face to the sun and welcome the fresh, new day.

And to celebrate that new found sense of renewal, I'm heading out this week on a short adventure with my dearest old friend to reconnect, rest, and rejuvenate. We will spend a few days in Estes Park, CO...enjoying one another's company, hiking, taking photos, and just the mountains.

We all need to do that now and again...get away from the stresses, pressures, and even just the daily routine of our lives...recharge and renew our batteries, as it were.

So, little ones, take the time in this bright new Spring to renew...go to place of beauty (for me, that is anywhere in the mountains), and just let it all fall away...reset, refresh,'ll be ready to take on the world!