Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Always BELIEVE....

Happy Holidays!!! I love, love, love this time of year....the decorations, the yummy baked goods, the presents, the joy of giving (and the thrill of receiving). I revel in it, and am thankful for it, all through the season.

I have had more than a few friends express their distaste of the phrases "Happy Holidays" and "Seasons Greetings." Seems they feel that "Merry Christmas" is the ONLY thing to say to one another in this season of wonder and joy. And that makes me sad....sad that they do not fully understand or embrace the season....that they choose to be EXclusive in their celebration rather than INclusive. This season encompasses way too many beliefs and traditions from way too many cultures to narrow it down to just one. The rather tired phrase "...the reason for the season" gets trotted out a lot this time of year. But what so many don't seem to understand is that there are so very, very many reasons for the season, and to narrow it down to just one is to do them all a grave injustice.

And really, it doesn't matter what your personal belief in "the reason for the season" at all. What matters is that you DO believe, whatever that means to you, with your whole heart, and that you always allow every other person to believe in their personal "reason for the season" as well. I believe in the magic of this season, and I always will.....

So, little ones, whatever your beliefs in this wonderful season of joy, embrace them, celebrate them, and do acknowledge the validity of the beliefs of others. For there is not just ONE reason to believe.....

Friday, November 11, 2011


Two small words that are filled with more gratitude and love than the world can hold...THANK YOU to all the veterans who have fought, and are fighting, for the freedom we all too often take for granted.

With a grateful, free heart...THANK YOU!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

First Snow of the Season

Early yesterday it started to rain here. As the day progressed, the temperatures dropped and the rain turned to snow...big, fat fluffy white flakes fell out of a windless sky for hours. The snow stopped by midnight, but the temperatures stayed cold, and this is what I woke up to this morning.

First Snow of the Season

It's like Mother Nature wrapped my world in white, just in time for my birthday (which is tomorrow). Thanks, Mom!!!

Open your hearts to the gifts that come your way, little ones, and be Happy!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Little Vacay In The Pretty

(Click on the photo to see the entire album of pretty. As usual, all photos copyright ~DKBB~).

Last weekend my DH and I spent 4 days in the gloriousness that is Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park. We were both in dire need of a "mountain fix," and four days in that heaven was just what the doctor ordered. There were still some fall colors around, the weather wasn't too bad, we got in a hike (to Bierdstat Lake), and some retail therapy as well. All in all, it was a pretty decent little vacay. 

Take some time to let your soul refresh itself in the pretty around us, little'll be thankful you did. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

I happened to turn on the radio today just as John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" was playing. I love that speaks to my soul the same way actually being IN the mountains does, and it put me in a serious "mountain" frame of mind. Since I haven't gotten a "mountain fix" lately (tho I will in mid October), I figured it would do my heart and soul good to share some awesome "Rocky Mountain High" photos with ya'll. So, here's a smattering of mountain shots I have taken so far this year (in March in Cody country and in April in Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park):

Rocky Mountains - Cody, WY

Rocky Mountains - Rocky Mountain National Park

)All photos Copyright 2011 ~DKBB~, of course)

Whatever your "Rocky Mountain High" is, little ones, find a way to enjoy it today!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sprocket-the-Wonder-Dog is at it again!

This evening while Chuck was getting the charcoal grill set up to grill some ribs, I was watching Sprocket-the-Wonder-Dog dig around the railroad ties that lie along the bottom of the chain link fence. He kept sticking his nose through the links and digging with his front paws. He was intent on getting at something there. And while he was so intently digging at a railroad tie, a garter snake crawled up on the railroad tie just to Sprocket's left, not 2 inches from his snout. Chuck and I were laughing so hard you probably heard us wherever the heck you live. This little scene played out for almost a full minute before our illustrious wonder-dog bothered to look to his left. He got so excited about the silly snake that he started doing his doggy happy dance, which gave the snake the time it needed to slither out of site again.

The moral, little ones, is to look up from the task you are intently immersed in now and again little, less it bite you on the...nose.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Reflections of the past...visions of the future....

As 2010 came to a close, I took a moment to reflect on what that year had brought me....adventures, family, and a semblance of health. In the course of the 12 months that were 2010, I was able to make some subtle-but-significant changes in my life that led to a decent weight loss and a 50-point drop in my total cholesterol levels (not too shabby). Chuck and I were able to visit AA&T a few times and fit in a vacation (always a joy!). I had photos in another show in Lincoln. I spent a lot of the fall with my mother, and in doing so learned a lot about her young life in Niobrara County. We were able to spend the holidays with AA&T, which is always joyous and memorable! All in all, 2010 didn't suck.

As I look forward to 2011, I am heartened by the thick blanket of snow covering the ground...setting the stage for a new, clean beginning. It is my goal to lose even more weight and get even better cholesterol numbers in the coming months, to have adventures with family and friends, to enjoy the beauty the world so lovingly shares with us, and to find grace and thankfulness in my life every day.

May 2011 bring you opportunity, adventure, and joy, little ones!