Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sprocket-the-Wonder-Dog is at it again!

This evening while Chuck was getting the charcoal grill set up to grill some ribs, I was watching Sprocket-the-Wonder-Dog dig around the railroad ties that lie along the bottom of the chain link fence. He kept sticking his nose through the links and digging with his front paws. He was intent on getting at something there. And while he was so intently digging at a railroad tie, a garter snake crawled up on the railroad tie just to Sprocket's left, not 2 inches from his snout. Chuck and I were laughing so hard you probably heard us wherever the heck you live. This little scene played out for almost a full minute before our illustrious wonder-dog bothered to look to his left. He got so excited about the silly snake that he started doing his doggy happy dance, which gave the snake the time it needed to slither out of site again.

The moral, little ones, is to look up from the task you are intently immersed in now and again little, less it bite you on the...nose.