Monday, August 15, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

I happened to turn on the radio today just as John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" was playing. I love that speaks to my soul the same way actually being IN the mountains does, and it put me in a serious "mountain" frame of mind. Since I haven't gotten a "mountain fix" lately (tho I will in mid October), I figured it would do my heart and soul good to share some awesome "Rocky Mountain High" photos with ya'll. So, here's a smattering of mountain shots I have taken so far this year (in March in Cody country and in April in Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park):

Rocky Mountains - Cody, WY

Rocky Mountains - Rocky Mountain National Park

)All photos Copyright 2011 ~DKBB~, of course)

Whatever your "Rocky Mountain High" is, little ones, find a way to enjoy it today!