Friday, January 13, 2012

A Bright New Day

Another year goes into the record books; a clean, new year stretches out before us. Do we continue taking the same actions as we did in the old year, or do we maybe change directions or tweak our journeys just a bit to veer off the known path? I opt for the latter...I know the outcomes and consequences of the choices I made in the past year, and while much of what I did brought me joy, I am willing to take my chances with new directions that might bring me more joy, but will definitely bring me new challenges.

Opting for the status quo, while the safe route, is not the way to grow. We need to be willing to take the paths less make brand new mistakes every order to move forward in our lives, to grow, to learn, to evolve.

So, on this bright new day in this bright new year, I will strive to step outside my comfort zone more, to take on new tasks and challenges, to make new mistakes (I'm already a little too good at making the old ones), to grow....

May the new year bring you new challenges, little ones, and new opportunities for growth.

(Photo copyright ~DKBB~, of course.)