Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Of Moments and Milestones....

Life is not a matter of milestones . . . but of MOMENTS.

True that may be, but sometimes the milestones in life are so big you have to take a step back and drink them - and all their associated moments - in. This Saturday our wonderful son will reach on of those milestones...he will graduate from college summa cum laude. It's been a long, challenging road for him and his family, and they all deserve to celebrate this milestone and revel in the wonderful moments it brings.

To say we are proud of him is probably one of the biggest understatements ever. He continually amazes us with the way he has chosen to meet the challenges of his life with determination and grace. While we'd like to take some credit for helping him become the wonderful man, husband, father, friend, and son he is, we know that he is much, much more responsible for that than we are.

This weekend he will be joined by all of his family to celebrate his accomplishments, and we will all revel in the moments of this milestone.

While it is the moments that do indeed make up our lives, little ones, it is also very important to acknowledge and celebrate the milestones...for the milestones define the moments.