Wednesday, July 04, 2012

For Purple Mountains Majesty

Happy 236th Birthday USA!

Our country and government may not be perfect, but somehow we've managed to survive more than two centuries and we will survive many more. In this election year, when we are being bombarded with negative political ads, it is sometimes hard to keep focus on the fact that regardless of who is in Washington, we will persevere. While at times it seems like the inmates are in charge of the asylum, we need to all remember that WE hold the ultimate power as WE are the ones that vote those inmates in and out. So, while you grill your burgers and hotdogs, eat your potato salad, drink your beer, and enjoy your fireworks (assuming you are not living in a state that burning off the fireworks there, please!), take some time to remember all that has come before and reflect on what will come in the future for our USA. Be thankful for what we have and for those that sacrifice so that we CAN have what we have, and remember that YOU hold the power to make the USA the best it can be; get involved, informed, and VOTE this fall. Happy Birthday America!