Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Open Letter to Congress

As a United States citizen, I implore you to STOP playing politics with our economy, our future, and our lives. The economic mess this country is in is NOT just one administration’s fault. The stage was set during the Reagan administration, aided way too much during the George W. Bush administration, and we are now reaping the effects. Two unfunded wars, years and years of subsidies for big energy, multiple tax loopholes for the 1%, and too much spending by the Obama administration to try to dig out of the huge hole that’s been created have all been factors in our current economic morass.

We need spending cuts, yes, but we also need to stop subsidizing big energy and stop allowing the 1% to have a lower tax rate than any of the 99%! The fact that huge companies are able to post $1 billion+ profits and not pay a dime in taxes is unconscionable. The idea of fair taxes means that EVERYONE and EVERY CORPORATE ENTITY pays their fair share. If “corporations are people,” then they most certainly should be paying taxes just like most “people.”

President Obama’s plan to work on our country’s infrastructures while creating jobs is a good one. Heaven knows we need to improve our roads and bridges (did you learn NOTHING from the bridge collapse in Minneapolis?!). And our power grid is a conglomeration of bailing twine and bubblegum…we need to drag the entire country’s power grid into the dang 21st century.

But in addition to creating jobs while making our country better, we do need to cut spending. The Simpson Bowles plan was a good one; unfortunately, it was one that everyone in Congress chose to ignore and even vilify. It’s time to give that plan it’s full due and actually utilize at least SOME of the plan’s recommendations.

For once, could you just please put the COUNTRY and her CITIZENS first, rather than your party and your contributors first?! Set aside party affiliation, contributor pressure, and trying to be a part of the group….take a stand to put COUNTRY first and party dead last.

Thank you for your time.

A very frustrated, disappointed-in-Congress, part-of-the-99% constituent.
Little ones, if you care, write/call/email your senators and representatives in Washington, D.C., now! Let them know your thoughts on this economic mess, and implore them to stop the bipartisanship and start putting COUNTRY first.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Choosing Ignorance

I am continually amazed by those who steadfastly choose the path of ignorance in their lives. We see it every day on television, hear it on the radio, read it in our newspapers and magazines, and view it on the Internet. It seems that Facebook is the venue where you can not only fly your freak flag (which I myself do on a regular basis), it is also the venue where you can show the world just how ignorant you are choosing to be.

For some reason I just cannot understand, the folks who have the strongest need to share their views on every subject under the sun, and comment on every post on Facebook, are the folks that have made the choice not to educate themselves on every subject under the sun. And they truly think if they repeat the same ignorance over and over again, that somehow makes it true or real.

The terrifying thing is that this modus operandi is leaching into our lives way too frequently. I see it happening every day in my local community and my state as well. Folks pick their story, make the conscious choice not the educate themselves on all aspects of that story, then repeat it over and over and over until they have convinced at least themselves (if not others) that it is true. Hell of a way to operate, if you ask me.

We are becoming a nation of emperors proudly parading around buck nekkid in our new clothes, choosing to ignore all the stares and shouts we are getting because we are SURE we look amazing!

We do not want to hear anyone else's views, we do not want to learn the actual facts, we do not want to face the actual realities. We want to draw lines in the sand and demand others meet us on our terms only and believe what we believe only. No wonder our government is so damn partisan. We have totally forgotten how to share, how to interact, how to learn from one another...how to behave like a civilized society. We have instead chosen ignorance....

Go against the grain, little ones....choose knowledge, choose civility, choose to listen to all sides, choose to educate yourselves on all aspects of the issues, whatever those issues may be....choose NOT to be ignorant.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hearts Full of Love

Well, it's Valentine's Day once again...time for the card, flower, candy, jewelry, lingerie, and restaurant industries to swell their coffers. We are a bit of a materialistic society, aren't we?! ;)

It's also time for us to take a moment to tell those we love how very important they are to us...how they make our lives better just for being around. I know we don't need some "special" day to do that, but we are all guilty of not doing it often enough. And if it takes a "special" day to make us celebrate the ones we love, so be it.

Today I sent a container of homemade red velvet brownies to work with my husband for him to share with his coworkers, and tonight I am making him a special steak dinner...nothing real fancy, just something a little out of the ordinary for a typical Thursday night.

Grand gestures aren't necessary today, but words of love and caring are. Take the time today, little ones, to tell those that matter to you how much you care...spread the love!