Sunday, April 07, 2013

Excitement and a Bit of Terror...the Perfect Mix

Over Easter weekend we made a quick trip to the Alpine/Jackson area to look for a house, meet with our future employers, and celebrate our 29th anniversary. We had a marathon house-viewing day that Saturday.

We saw a lot of too-big homes in unsafe forest areas...what genius thinks wood siding and cedar shakes are the necessary items for a home smack @ss in the forest?! Really?! Given the fires we've had in our area in the past 6 years, we are hyper aware of homes in the forest that are firewise, and homes that are not. I don't think our Realtors, or those that had some of the homes listed, appreciated our concern. They kept saying, "Fires don't happen here." Yea, right...fires haven't happened there...yet. They some point in time, they will.

On Monday we revisited the possibles, and upon finding out there's a highway expansion project in the future for the area the list of possibles shrunk to one. Luckily, it was the one perfect the highway, views to die for, no future development planned for the area, more bedrooms and bathrooms than we'll likely use, a pretty danged kick@ss kitchen. I actually think we may have found our best house yet.

So much for the comes the terror. Loan applications, getting blood from a stone, signing away our lives, selling our home in Chadron, and the ultimate terror...packing. 

Wish me luck, little ones...the terror of packing is just beginning.