Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Expand Your Horizons

Before moving to the part of Wyoming I live in now (western side, about 50 miles south of Jackson), I had never been here. Sure, I'd been to the Jackson area a lot, and the Idaho side of the Tetons (which is beyond gorgeous, by the way), but I'd never been here...in the area of Wyoming known as the Star Valley, which runs from Alpine south to Afton.

It is a gorgeous area...a long, high, lush valley between the Salt Mountains of Wyoming and the Black Mountains of Idaho. The weather (so far) is pretty temperate, the skies are mostly blue, the days decent, the nights a bit cool and clear as a bell (and oh my heavens, the stars!!!).

And the people...well, the people are the most friendly, the most welcoming, of any place we've ever lived. We have been welcomed "home" and made to feel "a part of" already. I cannot honestly say that even after 14 years there, I ever fully felt "a part of" northwestern Nebraska. I felt like an outsider from day 1 to day 5100. I did make some wonderful, live-long friends there, but still...I never fully felt "home." But here, I feel like I belong and I am treated as such by everyone.

Living on the western side of Wyoming was never in my plans, though getting back to Wyoming was always in my dreams. Toss it out to the cosmos and be open to how it plays out, little ones. Dream your dreams, plan your plans, and be willing to expand your horizons. For your dreams may well come true, just not exactly how you'd expect, and maybe, just maybe, you'll get to your "home."

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