Friday, January 03, 2014

Starting Anew

Every January brings us a new year and new chances to start anew...wipe the slate clean and try not to screw up another year.

This year I start anew in new digs with a very grateful heart. A health scare for my mother had a positive outcome late in 2013, our kids are doing well (though they are too far away from us now), we are settling in to our new home quite nicely as we slowly work to make it "ours," our work lives are going well and we are - for the most part - enjoy the tasks and challenges that come our way.

I know January is the time to make resolutions and set about making changes in your life, but that's just not for me. Resolving to lose weight, eat better, exercise more...I've done that before (many, many times) to no avail as my resolve dissolves. My one and only resolution for 2014 is to be happy. If you are, at your core, truly happy, then good things will flow from and for you.

So, little ones, if you must make resolutions, make one of them to BE HAPPY. Be happy with who you are, where you are, what you are....just be happy!