Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Weathering the Storms.....

This is our first winter in our mountain paradise home, and it's been a doozy! We've had more snow fall here (in western Wyoming) than we'd seen in the previous 14 years (in northwestern Nebraska) combined. We've learned about the need to have heat tape and bigger gutters on the roof, where NOT to put the wood pile, the need to create trenches to draw the ridiculous amount of water (from melting and rain) away from the house, the joy of ice on steep hills, the joy of ruts in the ice and slush on steep hills...the list goes on and on. My little car cannot safely get in and out of here, so we are using just the big 4-wheel drive truck and I'm stuck at home most of the time right now.

But even with all that, this is still the place I want to be. The views have been breathtaking all winter (as they always are), the peacefulness of the area is soul-soothing, and I'm happy. One of my (many) mantras on this life is "you make your own happy," and boy is that true for me here in my mountain paradise home. This is the BEST place I've ever had the privilege to live, and it makes me insanely happy nearly every day.

This is the view from the deck today:

And that, little ones, is why it is so worth weathering the storms for me...because the payoff of living here is truly priceless.

May you find the reasons to weather the storms in your lives, little ones, and revel in the payoffs awaiting you.....