Wednesday, April 09, 2014


A life's journey is never linear. It is full of bends, U-turns, and detours that are not ever planned, but at times are chosen or even necessary. The past two weeks have been a necessary detour of sorts for me, and a most definite necessary detour for my mother.

My mother's health has been declining, and after the second hospital stay in three weeks, we decided it was time for Mom to consider moving out of her home and into assisted living where she could have the care and help she needed on a daily basis. We were blessed to find an assisted living center in Mom's home town that was just perfect. It's a very nice place, with great staff, and Mom has her own little apartment there now.

But this detour in Mom's life, as she nears the end of her journey, was a tough one. She had lived in the family home for over 54 years, and leaving it was like leaving a part of herself. We assured her that the home will still be there, that right now there are no plans to do anything with it. But leaving it was so hard and so sad for her. It was a detour in her life's journey that she never anticipated and never wanted. I wish with all my heart that she was able to stay in her home until her journey ends, but without 24-hour care it was just not possible.

So, she has detoured into a nice assisted living center, and we (her family) have detoured with her. While the family home still exists, it is silent now and empty of life. It has become a way station for Mom's things and our memories. And the next step in that home's journey will likely be to leave our journey and move on to a new one with a new family someday.

Detours....they can be joyous, they can be annoying, and they can be damned hard. But, little ones, they are a very necessary part of the journey.....