Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Cistern Journey, or Being a Responsible Member of Planet Earth

We live in small rural subdivision that has a too-small, too-old well system and prohibits use of well water for outside watering purposes. To allow us to have plants/flowers/garden outside, or to someday power wash the deck or the house in preparation for staining, we decided we need to install a cistern to capture rainwater for outside use. It just makes sense to use what nature gives us and to conserve the well water we all need for daily in-home use.

We have done a lot of online research and have talked with neighbors who have installed cisterns. One home has one 500 gallon buried tank; one home has three cisterns - two above-ground, one buried; one home has two cisterns on metal stands. You need to talk to folks that have cisterns and to do your own research to find what might be right for you/your situation. Here's some good online sources of information:
DIY Water Projects
Building a High Pressured Solar Powered Rainwater Irrigation System
Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We have looked at several different cistern scenarios, including burying a large tank (500 gallons or more), which some of the folks in our subdivision have successfully done. We have decided that, for us, the best scenario right now is an above-ground tank. The tank will go under the deck on an existing cement pad:

We have ordered, via Falls Plumbing Supply, a 325 gallon tank (and a 3/4" hose adapter) that will sit on the existing cement pad. The size and type of tank we are ordering is built only after it is ordered, so there is a 2 to 3 week wait; Falls Plumbing Supply does deliver to our area.

This is, essentially, an experiment for us. We are taking steps to conserve our indoor water and to provide water for outdoor purposes, trying to be responsibly members of planet Earth. We may well install another cistern later this year or next year if we decide one cistern is not enough to meet our needs.

Be responsible members of planet Earth, little ones, and reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, and conserve any and every way you can.

UPDATE (9/26/14): The cistern was delivered this week, finally! We aren't sure if we'll get it fully installed before winter, but we will have it up and running by next spring for sure.

Our experience with Falls Plumbing Supply has been positive, but it did take twice as long to get the cistern as we were originally told.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Respecting Beliefs

I live four miles south of the nearest town, up a steep hill, in a small subdivision. We are rather off the beaten path, and door-to-door folks don't usually mess with us up here. Today there was a knock on my door, and when I opened the door a nicely dressed gentleman started right in with his religious-based Hello, no How are you, just right in to his spiel. I told him I was not interested, but he didn't stop talking, so I closed the door on him.

I believe in freedom of religion - it is one of the most important tenets this country was founded on. But freedom of religion, to me, means that you are free to believe and practice your chosen religion, and I am free to believe and practice mine. It does not mean you are free to come to my home uninvited and try to "sell" me your personal religious beliefs. I feel my religious beliefs are extremely personal...they are mine and mine alone; I do not share them with others, especially if such sharing is uninvited.

I respect your right to believe what you want, and I expect you to respect mine. I will not ever try to "sell" you my beliefs, and you'd dang well better not try to "sell" me yours.'s a two-way street, little ones.....