Monday, September 21, 2015

The Kitchen Journey: The Final Piece

This weekend my master craftsman cabinet maker, Craig, and his wife Deb (one of my lifetime friends), came over to spent some time in the pretty and to install the last piece of the kitchen remodel - the bookcase cabinet:

It is filled with cookbooks, recipe boxes, cooking magazines, and some extra pots and pans. And there's room for more! 

Now all that's left is some finish work (baseboards, some touch-up painting). Our dream kitchen is now a reality, and I LOVE it!!!!

A big THANK YOU to Craig, Andy (the contractor/tiler), Steve (the electrician), and Jim (the plumber). And the biggest thank you goes out to my late was part of her legacy that allowed us to create this dream kitchen.

I've been cooking in this wonderful kitchen since July, and I'm lovin' it! So much cabinet space, so very much prep space (which is a real joy after the no-prep-space crap kitchen we had before), and I'm loving the new oven (bakes awesome angel food cakes!). I look forward to cooking in this dream of a kitchen for many years to come.

Dream those dreams, little ones, and work toward them as best you can....cuz' dreams can, and do, come true!