Monday, October 19, 2015


There are too many people on this planet that put WAY too much emphasis on what others think, on what others have said in the past, on what others may say in the future. When you let yourself get stuck in this cycle, you stop growing, stop moving forward, and stay stuck in what may be a bad place for you.

I have a rather harsh philosophy for those stuck in this unhealthy mindset: SGAFWPT...Stop Giving A Fuck What People Think. SGAF about what was said about you in the past, SGAF about what may be being said about you in the present, and SGAF about may be said about you in the future.

The ONLY thing that matters is what YOU think, and if you fall into the trap of thinking only what you think others think (convoluted, right?!), you will become stuck. You have to drop the past and find the YOU in the now, without all the negative noise of the past. What's past is past....leave it there, and SGAFWPT as you move forward with a positive mind set.

Tune out/silence the crap that you are allowing to define your choices in the now...SGAFWPT past, present, or future. Concentrate on what YOU think and how YOU can use positive energy to move forward to be the best YOU you and be.

Once you SGAFWPT, you may find that the lack of worry and noise will allow you to find your own voice, and that's the only voice that matters.

For heaven's sake, little ones, SGAFWPT!